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Telegram: @Gumdrop

Are you currently open for commissions?

You can check whether im currently open for commissions by following the link below

Commission Status

Commission Status

Commission Status

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Once i'm happy with the details of the picture payment is to be made up front through either Cash App or Paypal. DO NOT SEND ME PAYMENT FOR COMMISSIONS THROUGH KO-FI!!!! If you wish to pay through Cash App please DM me your Cash App handle and once payment is required I will send you a payment request. If you wish to pay through Paypal please DM me your email address and once payment is required I will send you a paypal invoice to pay with. I will not start work on the picture until payment has been received.

You can check on the progress of your commission through the following link

Commission Status
Commission Status

Commission Status


How do I get a slot?

The fastest way to get a response from me is to either email me at or by contacting me through Telegram (@Gumdrop). Alternatively you can contact me through any of my art pages (e.g. Furaffinity, Inkbunny, etc). Provide me with details about what you want the picture to be of and once i'm happy that I have all of the information I need I will send you a paypal invoice to pay with.

Please note. Although i'm open to drawing all kinds of crazy (and even disturbing) things i still reserve the right to refuse any commission***. Also i’m unable to draw Human characters unfortunately.

Can I re-post the picture to my own accounts?

Of course! :-) In fact I would love it if you did. You may re-post your commissioned picture to your own social media/art accounts provided you link back to either or one of my other art accounts. Or you link back to the original upload of the picture on my page (if i've already uploaded it). You may also commission or write your own stories to go with them; if you do please let me know about them because i love seeing how people interpret my pictures :-D.

However you MAY NOT do any of the following...

1. Use the image for profit without prior agreement with myself. (This includes but is not limited to selling merchandise with the image printed on it, submitting the image to art auctions either yourself or on my behalf, using the image as part of a professional art portfolio/idea pitch, and incorporating the image into your own "for profit" livestreams/youtube videos. HOWEVER, you may get custom merchendise printed using the image PROVIDED IT IS ONLY FOR YOUR OWN PERSONAL USE!

2. Post a version of the picture that either you or someone else has re-edited to either look different or crop out certain aspects. HOWEVER you may post colored in versions of lineart pieces provided you credit me for the lineart, and you do not do anything to change the original theme of the picture (e.g. drawing on different clothes, props, etc)

3. Use the image in any kind of professional publication such as newspaper/magazine articles, professional blogs, television/streaming service shows and documentaries.

4. Use the image as promotional material for any event, product, service or organisation.

5. Use the image to attack/insult/defame any individual or group.


Regarding NFTs


I DO NOT CONSENT to having ANY of my artwork redistributed in the form of an NFT; and I WILL NOT produce any artwork that is intended to be turned into an NFT (this applies to personal art, commissions, gifts and YCH pieces). My TOS already state that you may not resell any commissions that you purchase from me.

That being said if you should come across any pictures Ive produced that are being sold as an NFT IT IS A SCAM! As I’ve already said I WILL NOT produce NFTs for any reason, and should I be made aware of any pictures of mine being distributed as an NFT by a third party, I will take whatever measures are necessary to have said images removed, including pursuing legal action if necessary. Also any individuals who convert any artwork they've commissioned from me or appeared in to an NFT will be blacklisted from all future commission slots, and have their information passed on to any other artists i'm in contact with.