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A Pair of Wedgie Punks

Full color commission for TacoMyTaco featuring his ponysona Taco.

Looks like Taco knows the best way to hit on a guy like me isn't by usin dumb chatup lines or by actin tough. It's by sticking your hand down my pants, grabbin my underwear and pulling hard! I'm definitely gonna have some fun with this bad boy ;-)

The moral of the story is that sometimes ya just gotta take a risk, grab life by its musky underwear and pull till it rips!

This pic was a lot of fun to make and I really love how it turned out; i think I might start using this style for Tokky more often ;-)


If you'd like to commission me you can find my full into and prices here. Feel free to drop me a DM using any of the sites listed :-)


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