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Backstage Pass 😈

Tokky gettin the full Dumpster Raiders treatment from the bands lead vocalist Rancid 😈

When this mangy fucker gives a wedgie he brings the fuckin pain! 😈 He'll turn the seat of yer skivvies into a thong and cut yer ass deep with many short, sharp yanks; he wont stop till yer ass is bleedin and yer skivvies are lodged in so tight youll need surgery to remove em.

Although if he's feelin generous he'll rip them off you, giving you serious friction burns; then dependin on what mood he's in he'll either shove them into yer mouth and make you taste yer own skidmarks, or he'll wank in em and then shove em in yer mouth


Although whatever sadistic and/or disgusting kinks he likes subjecting his fans to theres one thing he always likes to make sure he gives his biggest fans....a good hard kick to their balls with his steel toed rigger boots. 😈

He really knows how to treat a perverted masochist like me ❤️🥵❤️


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