Bad Role Model (Lineart)

Bin a while since i last drew Burner and Skidz so i figured I'd do a quick pic of em hangin out together.

Skidz often saw Burner smoking and wanted to try it himself; Burner told Skidz no, saying that it'd be a waste of a smoke because he would most likely feel sick after the first puff and wind up just coughing his guts up everywhere.

But the naive yeen was undeterred and kept pestering Burner until he eventually handed him his last cigarette just to shut him up.

Long story short Burner got a good laugh watching Skidz try (and fail) to prove him wrong as he practically forced the cigarette into his mouth and coughed relentlessly with each puff. Though at least it looks unlikely Skidz will be trying this again any time soon.