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Beaver Bros

Random pic featuring me and Omar (

Moving to a new school Tokky thought he could start fresh....nope! The bullies at this school still clocked him as wedgie fodder >.<

In fact on his first day he was grabbed by a group of jocks and dragged into an empty classroom to be properly welcomed.

By coincidence there were already another group of jocks in that classroom giving a punk skunk one hell of a brutal wedgie.

"Looks like we got another punk in our school boys!" One of them gawped

"See that Omar! Looks like you aint the only punk ass gettin flossed from now on!"

Suddenly one of the jocks took a firm grip of Tokkys waistband and hiked his tightywhities up high, another one also gripped hold and together they lifted the hyox off the ground; another two jocks did the same to Omar the skunk and soon the room erupted with laughter as the hyox and the skunk were bounced by their underwear.

For what seemed like an eternity Tokky and Omar were subjected to all sorts of brutal wedgies, wet willies, titty twisters and other horrible pranks, groans of pain and anger could he faintly heard coming from the pair among the howling and laughing jocks.

Eventually the jocks got bored of torturing their prey and finished them both off with atomic wedgies, hooking their undies over their eyes. The group carried Omar and Tokky out into the hallway towards one of the lockers. One of the jocks opened the locker door and the pair were shoved inside, still in their atomics. The jocks slammed the door behind them and left them to wallow in their humiliating predicament.

As Omar and Tokky struggled around in their confined space they got chatting to each other, they found they had quite a lot in common as well as being frequent wedgie targets for jocks.

Eventually Omar was able to force the door open with a firm kick and the pair tumbled out onto the floor. After stumbling to their feet and feeling around the pair helped each other remove their atomics.

"Welcome to hell buddy" Omar said with a smirk. "I hope ya got plenty of spare undies cos this is gonna happen a lot if ya hang around with me."

"Meh, don't worry about it, this happened all the time at my old school; least this time I had someone interestin to talk to while I was bein flossed".

"Nice to meet ya bud"


(Also thankyou very much to everyone who volunteered to be background characters, sorry I couldn't show all of you in the end but thankyou very much all the same 😊)

Background OCs belong to:


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