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"Boots" the Kobold

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Character I made for a D&D campaign, a Kobold Rogue named Boots. I don't have a full profile for him, i'm kinda just seeing what sort of things I end up getting up to with him in the campaign and evolving his personality and history from there. As I learn more about him or his character changes due to events in the campaign i'll edit this blog post to reflect those changes.


Full Name: <Unknown>

Aliases: "Boots"

Race: Kobold

Height: 2ft

Weight: 22lb

Alignment: Chaotic

Fluent Languages: Common, Draconic, Dwarvish, Elvish, Abyssal


Born into a small family of kobold farmers, growing up he was always lazy and would do whatever possible to avoid doing any real hard work, things ranging from faking illness to tricking others into doing chores for him. Eventually as he grew up he began to find other ways to get what he wanted with minimal effort including conning people with rigged games and just outright stealing; this would prove to be a fatal mistake for him though as the more he stole to get by, the more he began to enjoy it.

Eventually something clicked in his brain and he found himself inexplicably being drawn to stealing all kinds of things, some valuable, some useless, this also didnt help with his unhealthy obsession with other peoples underwear and boots; the Kobold couldn't explain it, but something about the feeling of another persons freshly worn undergarments or boots would fluster him and fill him with a feeling of euphoria whenever he touched or smelt them. This obsession of his would unfortunately lead to him being disowned by his family, and run out of town when he was caught breaking into the sheriffs house and rummaging through his wifes dirty laundry.

For a while Boots wandered from town to town looking for various ways to get by, usually by lieing, cheating and robbing people of their goods, however his kleptomania would often land him in trouble, usually ending with him being chased out of town by the locals.

Relationship to Xarwunax

Eventually along his travels Boots met a Dragonborn named Xarwunax (played by Jayden). Its not really known how the two met each other but upon learning that Xarwunax was a practitioner of sorcery the Kobold figured it might be useful keeping him around, figuring that his magic tricks might be useful for getting him out of trouble in the future.

As the pair traveled together they got to know each other and became much closer as friends, with Boots even beginning to trust the Dragonborn not to stab him in the back. Boots learned a lot from Xarwunax from the stories he'd regail of his travels, with the Kobold developing an interest in the arcane arts (though at the time he himself could not master it). Boots also told heavily fabricated stories about his own travels, they were mostly true but left out the parts where he'd stolen from other people due to the fact the Dragonborn turned out to be heavily against theft of any kind, so much for including him in his schemes.

Normally Boots woulda cut ties with anyone not up to the task of stealing, but the Kobold had developed a close bond with the Dragonborn, and with his own family disowning him Xarwunax was the closest thing to "family" that Boots had. So for the time being Boots carried out his more illicit activities in secret, usually when Xarwunax was asleep, though his Kleptomania had given him many close calls, with the dragonborn nearly catching him swiping various bits of useless junk right in plain sight.

Over time Xarwunax began to grow suspicious of why random bits of useless junk were turning up in his and Bootss' traveling packs, with the kobold making increasingly farfetched excuses (at one point he even managed to convince Xarwunax that a random single leather boot that had turned up in their room actually belonged to the dragonborn and he'd just forgotten about it). For the more valuable of the kobolds plunder he made sure to either fence it right away or hide it in a very hard to get to hiding place to keep Xarwunax from finding out, for any food items he stole he'd always make sure to share with Xarwunax; as for when Xarwunax questioned how the kobold always had a readily available supply of gold on him, or where the food they were eating had come from Boots would as usual make up some really farfetched excuse.

Eventually though once again Bootss' kleptomania would prove to be his undoing and Xarwunax caught the kobold in the act of trying to swipe random items from the general store; sadly Xarwunaxes interruption led to the shopkeeper raising the alarm and before the pair knew it they were fleeing town.

Boots explained to Xarwunax the truth about his kleptomania and came clean about everything. The dragonborn was furious and scolded boots on his thieving ways; however he took pity on the kobold, having read before about the condition boots suffered from. He felt compelled to try and help the kobold overcome his addiction to stealing.

Current Warabouts

Boots is still traveling with his dragonborn companion Xarwunax and the pair are currently exploring the cold, snowy mountain town of Mistad. The pair appear to have joined up with another group of adventurers.

Use of Arcana

Up until very recently Boots had never thought himself skilled enough to actually wield magic. However he has very recently persuaded Xarwunax to properly train him in the ways of Sorcery. Unfortunately though with Boots having no experience with sorcery in his life up until this point (the most he can do is a few cheesy card tricks) his training is going about as well as you'd expect it to go. Sadly the kobolts kleptomania (though not quite as bad as it was before arriving in Mistad) was still proving to be a distraction for him, preventing him from fully concentrating on the spells he was attempting to cast and often resulting in disaster. On one occasion Xarwunax tried to get Boots to practice Mage hand by having him use it to pic up a spoon from one table and carry it over to another table. However a momentary lapse in concentration led the Kobold to accidentally incinerating both tables with an uncontrolled burst of chaos lightning (the tavern owner was not happy)


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