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Closing My Patreon Down

Hey everyone, i just thought id take a moment to deliver some news regarding my patreon and "Den Supporters" section. I've been thinking this over for the past few months and i've finally decided that i'm going to shut both of them down and focus more on commissions and YCH pieces.

One of the main reasons behind this decision is because i felt that it seemed to over complicate things with my art; also i don't really feel like i'm fully delivering on all of the promises i made in the rewards, namely the "exclusive content". Since implementing that reward i've only managed to produce 2 exclusive pictures which i think is pretty poor show on my end. I did plan to produce more but other commitments such as work, social life and producing the raffle rewards meant these wound up getting put on hold, that's one of the more minor reasons for the lack of exclusive stuff; the bigger reason is just simply that I don't like doing it; I like sharing my pics with people and on several occasions i've had people asking me if i can show them sketches i'm working on and i feel bad not being able to, but at the same time I cant because then I'd be undercutting the people who are paying to see them :-(.

So more than anything else, Patreon has kinda made my artwork feel more like a chore :-(. Don't get me wrong though, you guys gave me some awesome picture ideas for your raffle rewards and I enjoyed producing every single one of them, it's more the having to keep to a schedule to make sure that each of them gets produced within a reasonable time frame so they don't all pile up that made this more of a chore. For a while I did have a schedule to get things done but this frequently wound up being thrown out the window whenever I had an unexpectedly busy day/week at work and wound up being too tired to do anything art related, plus as a lot of people have probably noticed i'm not very active in chats, this is often down to me working on pictures. So yeh it's not the content that was the problem, its me not being able to organize a schedule around my other stuff. At least with commissions and YCH pieces i have a bit more control and can open and close them depending on how much stuff i have on.

Im still gonna keep my ko-fi active if people wanna make small one off contributions from time to time though.

As for the "exclusive content" already on there, i'll probably post them both up to my art pages some time soon. With rough sketches, i'm thinking of using this blog to share them from now on rather than create a whole separate section on my webpage for them, this'll be much easier than having to go into the website editor every time i want to upload new rough drafts. I'm also gonna limit myself to only posting the rough drafts on my own website just to cut down on the clutter on my FA and other pages.

I just wanna finish off by saying thankyou very very very much to everyone who has both supported me in the past and present. You guys are awesome and you've helped me out a lot more than you know on several occasions, i'm really really grateful for that :-) To anyone who still has an unclaimed raffle reward i'll still be honoring it, you can claim it whenever you want :-)


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