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Double Crossed (Lineart)

More lineart of my Kobold character "Boots".

A while back Boots found himself working with a crew on a "not quite so legal" job. The plan went off without a hitch and the group managed to get away with a pretty hansom payday.

Unfortunately for Boots the gang weren't interested in sharing their loot with some puny Kobold, and before he could even celebrate their victory he found himself being pounced on and restrained by the much bigger members of his former crew.

Boots thrashed, kicked and yelled as one of the gang members removed the Kobolds gun and lasso from his belt, he noticed 2 of them muttering something to each other before chuckling. One of the chucking gang members then dug his hand right down the back of the Kobolds overalls, he really had to reach down deep but eventually Boots felt him take a firm grip of the back of his underpants, it then became apparent what the two had been discussing.

Boots suddenly felt his skivvies being pulled up with unrelenting force, the Kobold tried his hardest not to scream in front of his captors, afterall he didn't want to show them anymore weakness. The brute kept pulling and pulling until eventually the Kobolds waistband was pulled right out past the straps of his overalls and up to his head. A roar of laughter could be heard as the gang member managed to hike the back of the Kobolds skivvies up past his head, the horns made it difficult, but eventually with one final heave he was able to force the Kobolds skivvies down over his face, hooking them under his chin and forming a makeshift gag.

Before Boots could even recover from the pain he felt himself being bound with his own lasso, the gang members tied the Kobold up nice and tight and left him squirming on the floor, each movement making his wedgie hurt even more.

Through his skivvies Boots could only hear his former crew laughing at him as he squirmed helplessly on the ground, occasionally one of them would come over to him and taunt him, pull the back of his skivvies or kick dirt in his face.

Eventually when the gang had divided up their loot they discussed what to do with their former Kobold partner; one suggested leavin him tied up on the train tracks, another suggested takin him to a nearby lake, fillin his overalls with rocks and sendin him for a little swim.

Boots seems to have gotten in way over his head, how will he get out of this one?


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