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Dragon Mischief (By JDPuppy at EF 2016)

Picture by JDPuppy at Eurofurence 2016

Awesome picture made by JDPuppy featuring my characters Skidz and Gumdrop.

Gumdrops account of events:

"This kid thinks he's so cool wearing his pants round his ankles like that! If ya ask me he looks like a dork! Why don't all kids just get themselves a pair of dungarees like me. That way their pants will never fall down again :-D"

"In any case I think this kid needs to be taken down a peg or two and I have just the thing!" *Produces a nice fresh cream pie and sneaks up behind him.*

"Shhhh! It's better if he's taken by surprise. Hehehe, this is gonna be fun!"


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