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(Fanart) Madkat Tokky

Fanart of G00das blue and yellow version of Madkat.

It seems as though I found his little box (or the box found me, im not really sure XD) and ive been completely corrupted, and given a shiny new look 😉.

I definitely aint complainin though, i think im gonna enjoy being a trickster, I cant wait to make the world laugh with my hijinks.

Though I will say I am quite sad that my card deck is a little "incomplete". But thanks to the kind efforts of several good Samaritans i'm already well on the way to completing my deck. As a reward for their kindness i've "gifted" them with an eternity full of laughter.

Wadda ya say? Would you like to help me as well? An eternity of laughter awaits you if you do.

The kind individuals are

7️⃣♥️ JaydenTheThunderWolf

🅰️♠️ SkitzToonz

🃏 Gumdrop

🤴❤️ Awryhx



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