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(Fanart) One More Oughta Do It!

Meow Skulls finds herself being ambushed by a strange hooded (and smelly) individual. After a short struggle the hooded punk managed to get a hold of her panties and hike them up with brute force.

The assailant kept yanking and pulling on her panties, each yank jerking her off the ground and causing her much pain and embarrassment, but as the same time with each yank the assailant was able to stretch them that little bit further closer to her head, it became clear that this smelly punk was going for an atomic!

Eventually the cat found herself being forced to her knees by the hooded assailant, she could feel the assailants knuckles touching the back of her head, holding onto her panties which were now stretched tight and cutting into her ass deeply.

She could hear the hooded figure mutter to themself "one more oughta do it!", and with that her smelly attacker gave one final heave on her already taught panties, stretching them over her head and hooking the fabric tightly over her eyes. Before the cat could even try to unhook her wedgie she felt the attackers boot sole press against her back and shove her to the floor.

The hooded figure laughed at the struggling cat as she tried desperately to unhook her wedgie, but her panties were hooked so tightly over her head she struggled to get a grip. She could hear her attacker snapping a few pictures before turning to leave, as the hooded figure walked away she could hear them mutter the phrase "right, on to the next one then". 😈

(Meow Skulls is a character from Fortnite owned by Epic Games)


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