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(Fanart) The Honorable Simp Wedgie 😈

Scourge found out I was such a big fan of his and figured I'd earned a reward for bein so loyal.

"Congratulations hyox bitch! For bein such a good Simp the kings gonna bestow upon ya.... "The Honorable Simp Wedgie!" 😈

"Yeah ya like that dont ya you little simp bitch! Ya like it when the king flosses yer butt with yer skivvies. Well im just gettin warmed up, by the time im through with ya you're gonna need a trip to the ER to remove those skivvies."

"Yeah, yer futures gonna be nothin but wedgies, swirlies, wet willys, stink faces and whatever else the king thinks a simp like you deserves!"

"Hail to the king bitch! For I dub thee....

"The Royal Bitch!"😈"


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