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"Give it Back Now you Little Shit!" (Lineart)

Boots managed to get himelf into mischief in the towns saloon. After slipping away from his travelling compantion Xarwunax ( the little kobold decided to play a little game of hide and seek much to the displeasure of the dragonborn, helping himself to whatever was in the pockets of the patrons whos tables he happened to be under 😈

One of those tables happened to belong to a local fisherman by the name of Noch (, and of course Boots being unable to resist decided to help himself to one of the panthers catches. Unfortunately for the Kobold he wasn't quite sneaky enough and the panther spotted him running away with his feesh.

Just when Boots thought he was home free he suddenly felt something hook onto the back of his overalls and reel him back to an angry panther. Noch picked the Kobold up by the straps of his overalls and glaringly demanded his feesh be returned, upon seeing this Xarwunax came over and gave his travelling buddy a very disapproving look 😠


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