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Honorable Fan Wedgie

Commission for Aafakefake featuring his character Andy the Cougar and my character Atomica.


The cougar couldn’t believe it. Standing there perched up against a wall checking his phone was one of his idols. Atomica, member of the infamous Wedgie Gang would probably be the last person you would expect a nerd like Andy to idolise given that he would be prime wedgie meat for any of the members of the gang. But the couger couldn't help himself, he'd always admired the 'Yenas wedgie giving skills, particular when it came to the wedgies he was most well known for, The Atomic Wedgie. Andy had been on the receiving end of many atomic wedgies but no bully could ever get them right; either the bully would rip them as they pulled them over his head, or would simply stop at his mid-back and yell "Atomic Wedgie!" anyway, even though this was wrong as that would only make it a "Nuclear Wedgie". But Atomica was a skilled wedgie giver, the 'Yena knew exactly how to handle all sorts of varying underpants types and strengths to ensure that even the most well worn pair of tightywhities could be pulled over his victims head without ripping. Andy had seen many of Atomicas victims stumbling around with their undies over their head and that blue symbol sprayed or drawn somewhere near then, but he had never seen the master himself in person, only in the various internet pics and videos with him and his other gang buddies givin’ various nerds like him a good hard butt flossin’. Andy felt start struck, he wanted to go over and give the 'Yena a hug and tell him how much he loved his work but he felt nervous, he couldn't the 'yena would never bother with someone like him, he'd.... "Can I help you?" A voice snapped Andy out of his thoughts and back to reality. It was none other than Atomica, standing there, looking at the cougar. Andy was taken back, he was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't notice that he'd carried on walking over to the 'Yena and had been standing there staring at him. Atomica clicked his leather gloved fingers at the cougar. "Hello? Anybody there? You havin a stroke or summit?" Andy couldn't believe it, his idol was actually talking to him. "Y-y-you're Atomica, from Th-th-the W-wedgie gang". Atomica gave the trembling cougar a stern look. "Yeah, what's it to ya?" Andy was so taken back he began to lose control of his speech. "I-I-just wanted to say I love your work! No one else does atomic wedgies as skilled as youtheyalwaysripthembutnotyouyouareaskilledwedgiegiverandanawesomeengineeryourgadgetsrockandomgitssuchanhonortomeetyou!" Andy gasped. Atomica was taken back by the cougars sudden outburst, of all the reactions he'd had from nerds who were unfortunate to cross paths with him before this was the most surprising. "W-wow, gee thanks. No one outside the gangs ever complimented my work like that before. I'm glad you enjoy it." Andy started to feel more tense from Atomicas words, once again he spoke without thinking. "C-can i hug you?" Upon the realisation of what he just said the cougar quickly covered his mouth with his paws. Atomica giggled. "Sure buddy, anythin’ for a fan." The 'Yena smiled and opened his arms. "Bring it in buddy, but keep those paws away from the waistband or you'll be sorry!" Andy threw his arms around Atomica and hugged him tightly, the 'Yena doing the same to him. He couldn't believe it, he was hugging one of his heros, it was such an awesome feeling. Atomica smiled as he hugged the cougar. "What's you're name by the way?" "A-Andy" he nervously replied. "Well Andy I gotta say, no joke, I really do appreciate your kind words and i'm really happy that you enjoy my work..." Andy smiled at Atomicas praise....but immediately gasped as he felt the 'Yenas thick gloves take a firm grip of the waistband of his tightywhities. "...but unfortunately bro that's not gonna save you from a wedgie!" Suddenly Atomica pulled hard on the cougars tightywhities, lifting him clean off the ground in a wedgie hug. Andy yelped in pain as he felt the cotton viciously invade his rear, while at the same time began to blush bright red, it was actually happening, he was being given a wedgie by Atomica. "Lesson one for avoiding a flossin' bro. Never EVER make it easy for someone to get a grip on yer skivvies". Atomica smirked as he began to bounce the cougar by his undies. "However, I like you kid, so i'll go easy on you THIS TIME!" Atomica lowered the cougar to the ground while still maintaining a firm grip on his tightywhities with one hand. With his other free hand he shoved the cougars head between his legs and started to pull hard again, stretching his undies right up closer and closer to his head. Andy felt both embarrassed and start struck, he knew what was coming, he knew that he was going to be on the receiving end of one of Atomicas patented "Atomica Special" wedgies, he knew this was going to hurt like no other wedgie he'd ever had before but he couldn't help but feel honoured. Once the cougars undies were nice and stretched Atomica let Andys head out from between his legs, and with one final yank snapped the waistband over Andys eyes. There he was, stumbling around in a perfect Atomic wedgie given to him by one of his heros. Suddenly Andy felt himself being turned around and shoved up against the wall by Atomica. He wondered what the 'Yena had planned next for him. Andy then heard the click of a marker pen lid and then began to feel Atomica writing something on the fabric of his stretched out undies. The 'Yena then turned Andy around and began to draw something on the fabric covering his head, Andy could feel right away what this was, it was Atomicas Wedgie Gang symbol. The next thing Andy felt was the 'Yena reach into the pocket of his brown pants and search around, eventually pulling out the cougars phone. "Don't worry bro, I ain't no thief!" Atomica reassured andy. "Just gimme yer fingerprint, trust me, it'll be fine." Andy nervously held out his finger and Atomica pressed it onto the reader of the phone to unlock it. The 'Yena then opened up the camera. "Give us some poses!" Atomica giggled. Andy nervously complied and struck a few poses as Atomica snapped some pics of him from all angles, the cougar even dropped his pants which made Atomica laugh. "Yer ok kid!" Atomica said as he playfully noogied him through the atomic. "I was havin a crap day and you really cheered me up". Atomica then put his arm around Andys shoulder and pulled him close. "Smile for the wedgie selfie!" Andy, still blinded by his atomic gave a smile as Atomica snapped a selfie of the pair of them. When this was done Atomica grabbed the waistband that was over the cougars eyes and flicked it off of Andys head, causing his tightywhities to snap back into a bunched up position above his butt. Atomica handed the phone back to Andy and patted him on the back. "Once again thanks for bein’ such a good fan, yer definitely ok in my books." Andy blushed at Atomicas kind words. The Yena then put his arm around Andys shoulder. "Though bit of advice. Don't try this with other members of the gang. They may not be as welcoming to fans or as easy going as I was. In fact I imagine if ya tried this on burner he'd dump hot sauce down yer undies and leave ya hanging from the overpass in the town center." Andy gave a nervous nod. "I'll keep that in mind." "Anyway I gotta shoot." Atomica said as he gave Andy one last pat on the back. "Catch ya later bro. Have a good one." "See ya later." Andy said as he watched Atomica walk away. He looked through the photos on his phone and saw the various wedgie poses and of course the selfie of him and Atomica. He felt really happy. "Oh! One other thing!" Atomica shouted back. "Ya may wanna pull yer pants up!". Andy suddenly began to blush with embarrassment as it suddenly dawned on him that he was standing there out in the open with his pants still round his ankles and undies still thoroughly bunched up his butt. Later at home Andy removed his stretched undies to have a look at the writing on them. Written on the back was a message from Atomica that read To Andy Thankyou for being such and awesome fan and easy wedgie target. You made my day :-) Love yer bully bro Otis "Atomica" Hemlock Underneath Atomica had signed the message and drawn his symbol once again. This was definitely one of the most interesting autographs he'd ever gotten from someone. The End


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