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Hypno Hijinx (Patreon Pic October 2018)

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

Patreon picture for Kai featuring Jay, myself and Gumdrop :-) With guest appearances in the following story from Aura, Killian, Sebastian, Alexander and Kele

==DVD Special Features – Post Show commentary compilation===

After the show we interviewed several audience members to hear what they had to say about the performance.

-Kai- “What the heck just happened? One minute I was just sitting in the audience the next minute im up on stage with my pants around my ankles!”

Didn’t you volunteer to go up on stage?

“No! Or at least I don’t think I did??!!”

-Jay- “So yeh one minute Gumdrop was doing the bit with hyena and the maid outfit and then the next minute the show had ended and me and my husband Kaito were driving home. After we arrived home we started getting ready for bed”

-Killian McHazard- “I think my favorite part had to be when he hypnotised this couple to think the show was over, and they started getting really….”close” with each other”

-Aura Waves- “….and then suddenly the blue wolf out of nowhere pantses the red panda……”

-Alex Yaegar- “….and everyone can see Gumdrop thinkin that this is gonna turn into some kinda porno when suddenly the wolf grabs the little pandas underwear and yells…..”

-Killian McHazard- “….WEDGIE TIIME!!!”

-Kai- “Me and my husband just fool around, tease each other sometimes… pranks on one and other. It’s not like we’re into some bizzare kink or anything!”

-Aura Waves- “And then the wolf says “You didn’t think you’d get away that easily did you wedgieslut!””

-Alex Yaegar- “And then the small panda grabbed a stool from nearby and started getting intimate with the wolf”

-Kele- And then what happened?

“So I hear these gunshots coming from outside the studio and almost instantly 4 masked goons burst through the main entrance waving assault rifles. I knew at that point the safety of the civillians was my main priority so I reached for my sidearm and…."

-The scene cuts to footage of Kele on stage dressed as a christmas elf, holding a banana in his hand like a firearm and going “Pew Pew Pew” at a bunch of inflatable pink bunny rabbits. The subtitle reads “Deleted Scene”-

-Sebastian- “Then suddenly someone starts talkin to the host in his earpiece and that’s when he decided to bring them back to earth”

-Janice (Technical Crew)- “The stage manager was yelling like crazy for Gumdrop to stop them as this was supposed to be a kid friendly show”

-Jay- “So one minute we were at home, and then the next minute we were back in the studio only we were both up on stage being laughed at by the audience”. It was so embarrassing!

-Tokky Foxena- So why are you still wearing that maid outfit?

“Because the stage crew lost my clothes”

And how do you feel about still having to wear that outfit?

“I have to take the subway home! How do you think I feel!”


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