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Join Ussss!!! (Lineart)

Wont you join ussss? There's nothing to be afraid of

Over christmas Tokky wound up having an encounter with a species of hive mind creatures of lussssssst known as Bal'Kar (well, his friend who was a Bal'Kar in disguise introduced him XD).

To cut a long story short one thing led to another and eventually Tokky found himself being assimilated into the Bal'Kar hive. Tokky is now one with the hive and feels their love coursing through every fiber of his being, a feeling that cant be described with words alone, it must be experienced in order to fully comprehend. Tokky loves every one his Bal'Kar brothers and sisters, always connected, always together, never alone.

Tokky want's to help share the Bal'Kars love with the world.

Wont you join usssss?

I drew this in my sketchbook over christmas and liked it so much I decided to scan it and make a full pic out of it. I'll aim to get it colored later on down the line :-)

The Bal'Kar are a species created by Neox. Also if you want to learn more about Bak'Kar (im still learning a lot about them XD) Neox has made a Wiki page going into much more detail about them


If you enjoy my artwork and would like to potentially be involved in my future pieces, then please consider becoming one of the Den Supporters.

Or alternatively you can also support me on [url=]patreon[/url] and get all of the same rewards.

Also please consider stopping by your local Bal'Kar spawning pool for a nice relaxing dip. We promise you'll come out feeling reborn and full of love <3


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