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Ko-Fi Doodle #55

Ko-Fi Doodle for RocketRaccoonWedgieFan :-)

It seems as though Mr Raccoon has suffered a huge blow to the head and is currently a little dazed and confused. Don't worry; i'm sure he'll be back to his old self soon (granted with a massive headache and his dignity in ruin).


Would you like a random Ko-Fi doodle?

Just click the button above, buy the hyox a nice hot coffee, leave a link you your ref sheet in the comment (or a character description) and in exchange he'll do you a random doodle in under an hour as a thankyou :-)

Or if you really want a surprise you don't have to link to any ref sheet at all. Just buy the hyox a coffee and wait and see what randomness the added caffeine makes him draw for you.


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