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Lets Wash that Filthy Mouth of Yours!

Random picture featuring me and Ren ( Swirlys seem to be a very underappreciated prank, so i wanted to change that 😏.

Officer Ren happened to catch me taggin up the walls outside a nearby bathroom and wasnt impressed.

T: Waddayamean vandalism?! I'm just addin some color to this bland wall, geez you pigz got no appreciation for good art,

R: I wouldn't call a giant dick that loooks like it was drawn by a 5 year old art. AND WATCH YOUR MOUTH!

T: Or what PIG!

R: *Getting really close to me* Call me a pig again, i dare you!.

T: *Inhales* PI- *is grabbed by the front of my hoodie* Hey what the-!

<Scene missing>

Next thing i know im dragged into the bathroom, my hands cuffed, and the last thing i hear before Ren shoves my head in the filthy toilet bowel is "Since yer mother never washed out that filthy mouth of yours as a kid, i guess ill have to do it for her now!"


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