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Lincoln Furmeet Doodle

Today at the lincoln furmeet we played a “story writing” game. We were each given a planning sheet for writing a story and we had to fill in one section then pass the sheet to the next person to fill in another section (the sections were what happened, where it happened, why it happened, who did it and when it happened). The sheets were then all collected and passed out randomly and we had to either create a story from the random points on the planning sheet, or draw a scene from the story.

The sheet i got was basically the premise for a story set in deep space where the apocalypse was caused by a game of cards against humanity that went too far. The character was just “some dude who survived” which wasn't much help; so i decided to draw the prologue in which myself, lucidpaw and Kirara ended up causing the apocalypse by creating a CAH combination so dark and sinister that it opened the gates of hell and summoned forth the apocolypse.

Maybe we shoulda just played scrabble.


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