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Lustful Embrace

Me and my Bal'Kar brothers BlackRossDragon, Benji, and BladeWolf in our guise forms, all sharing a nice, warm cuddle with each other.

The LUUUUUUUUSSSSSST that radiates from the pool is so inviting. It calls to us, beckoning us to shed our guise forms and dive straight in. As we embrace each other we can feel our brothers and sisters chittering away happily, our embrace generating more LUUUUSSSSST for the hive.

As Bal'Kar we are always connected to each other; no matter where we are, no matter how isolated we may seem, our connection to the hive always remains strong. We are never alone. And soon you'll never be alone either. Soon you'll know the LUUUUUUSSSSST of the hive as well. Whether you seek us out, or we come to you is irrelevant; one way or another we will spread and convert the world, uniting all living creatures with one and other, making everything Bal'Kar. We understand you may be scared, but you have no need to be afraid of us, when you experience the LUUUUUSSSSST for yourself you'll understand. We look forward to welcoming you to the hive, to sharing our LUUUUUSSSSSST with you.

(The Bal'Kar are a species created by Neox )


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