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Madkats Music Madness🃏🎶 (Lineart)

Pic featuring me and Jester ( finding ourselves caught up in one of Madkat Miros ( rubbery schemes

Madkat had pulled me and Jester into his jack-in-the-box and after much fumbling around and struggling we were spat back out now sporting rubber full body Madkat suits of our own.

Suddenly we both found we had no control of our bodies, our limbs felt like they were acting on their own, but it was then we both noticed some sort of rubber strings coming off of our gloved hands and booted feet; we would have turned our heads to see where the strings lead but we couldn't even move our heads unless the strings permitted it. It was like we had been turned into living rubber puppets.

We tried to call out but we couldn't move our mouths, we couldn't even make noises; that was of course until....

"Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls!" Jester yelled.

Then suddenly as if my mouth was being puppeteerd I added...

"We would like to welcome you to our show, "Madkats Music Madness!""

Neither of us had any control over our words or movements, we were at the mercy of our puppet master.

Suddenly I found myself holding a tambourine in my hand and Jester found himself holding a flute.

Madkat began to force the pair of us to dance around, Jester being made to play various tunes on his flute while I was made to sing and play the tambourine.

After a while Madkat suddenly stopped. "Looks like you two are ready for your first show!" he said with glee. "Off we go! The audience awaits!"

Before we knew what was happening we found ourselves being pulled upwards by our strings and back inside the now oversized jack-in-the-box, the lid closed and we were whisked away to our first show, wherever that was.


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