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My 2019 Year in Review

(The uncensored version will be in the NSFW channel :-P)

When i was going back looking for stuff to put in this i found towards the start of the year I had little choice and towards the end of the year I had much more choice. I think stopping my Patreon probably helped as I was spending a lot of time doing reward pics and didnt really get much time to do any of my own pics. Although it was nice getting support from people for my art I did find trying to keep a steady flow of rewards to be really hard, especially trying to fit them around my day job.

I gotta say, there's a very distinct lack of wedgies in my art this year, not to say I didnt do any wedgie art, but I definitely did focus on more experimentation with other themes; plus I love how I started the year with tentacles and ended the year with more tentacles 😊

I wonder what 2020s gonna bring for my art.


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