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My Sneak Peeks are Now Available Here

If you're one of my supporters either here or on Patreon you can now check out my Sneak Peeks on here as well as on Discord; just head to the "Sneak Peeks" option under the "Hyox Art tab. If you are supporting me on Patreon you DO NOT need to re-pledge here, just make an account and either let me know through Discord or Patreon that it's your account and I will give you the relevant permissions for as long as you remain a supporter.

However it is worth noting that the best place to see my Sneak Peeks as and when I do them is on my Discord server. I'll try and upload them to this site at roughly the same time as when I submit them to Discord, however there may be occasions when i'm not able to do this (such as when i'm traveling and can only upload sketchbook snapshots through my phone, I've found the website editor to be very "erratic" on mobile internet so I'd rather not risk it.)


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