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Nothin' to See Here (Lineart)

A lineart piece featuring Andy, Ren, me and Cliff.

Me and Cliff were caught loitering by officer Ren, and unlucky for us she happened to be field testing the forces newest armament, "The Y.A.N.K. Pacification Device", though Ren and her colleagues have nicknamed it "The Wedgie Gun".

The device is capable of manipulating a targets underwear in a variety of ways depending on what level it is set on. Ren currently has it set on level 4, the guns highest setting. In this mode the gun shoots energy pulses that cause the targets underwear to fly up over their head, and secure into an atomic wedgie that cannot be unhooked for at least an hour.

Of course officer Ren, eager to try out her new toy dispensed swift atomic justice to both of us. While this was going on Andy happened to be walkin' down the street and spotted the scene unfolding. Ren, being the professional she is casually ushered him on his way before dealing with the two wedgied hyoxes in front of her. No doubt the two of us will be greeted by a roar of laughing police officers at the station.

==The End==


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