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Oi!-Gutternoze! 🐀

I made a new character for a DND campaign I recently joined. He's a skaven named Oi!-Gutternoze! (or just "Oi!" for short).

He was originally just a regular skaven, only interested in killin, stabbin, killin some more, stabbin....well you get the idea 😅

Until a strange turn of events saw him encountering a celestial being of some kind; naturally his first thought was "hehe imma bop big glowwy thing on da head! 🤪" But just before he could land a swing at the entity he was stopped in his tracks by a strange force, freezing him in place.

It's not clear why the celestial took pity on him, maybe it saw something more in him, or maybe it was another reason; but in any case the entity decided to spare his life and offer him a chance to become something more than just a savage beast.

The rat boi found himself being enveloped by a bright light, it felt like his mind was expanding, the entity opened his eyes and showed him that there was more to this existence than simply just killing for fun.

When the entity vanished the rat boi felt like he'd been reborn, he had a new outlook on the world, he realised he could be more than just some lowly rat, that he had the potential to expand his mind and achieve endless possibilities, that he....WAS NAKED! 😱 For the first time ever he was self conscious of the fact he'd been naked this whole time and immediately went to find something to cover himself with.

The entity told him that although it had given him the means to ascend to a higher state of being, in order to do so he would still have to cleanse his spirit and redeem himself; before vanishing one final time the entity told him to venture to a place called Elturel, where in time everything would become clear.


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