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Regarding FAs Recent TOS Update

FA have made an update to their TOS which is going to impact a lot of artists going forward including myself

To summarize, ANY character which is depicted as having "child like" body proportions (ie short) is classed as being underage EVEN IF SAID CHARACTER IS NOT ACTUALLY MEANT TO BE VIEWED AS UNDERAGE.

For this reason I have had to nuke a load of images from my FA gallery simply because they feature a short character in a situation that could be seen as sexual, so therefore if you can't find certain pictures of mine on FA, this is why.

Id also like to clarify that im including any wedgie artwork under the adult content umbrella simply because I've been flagged on other sites multiple times on my wedgie pictures, even when they've only depicted a scenario that's meant to be a joke, and in no way intended to be sexual at all.


However going forward certain artwork I produce may not be uploaded to my FA page at all, but it will still be uploaded to my telegram group and to my main website ( as a minimum (if you want to save the full resolution files you can do so through the galleries hosted on my website). Additionally all my artwork will continue to be uploaded to my other art sites unless stated otherwise, a full list of my other active art pages can be found under the "Find a Hyox" tab on my website.

To my knowledge all of the artwork i've purged from my FA gallery is still available on at least 1 of the other art sites I use (im still working to complete the gallery on my webpage but it's taking time), however going forward I would highly recommend that you save any artwork that you want to keep, not just of mine but also for any other artists that you follow because there really is no way to guarantee that those pictures will still be available in a few years time.


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