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Relaxin' like a Smelly Boi

This smelly bois takin full advantage of the nice weather and kickin back on the sunbed with a pack of Monsta and some freshly flooded overalls; cos afterall, nothin feels more relaxin than laying back in the warm sun, closing your eyes and just letting go of your bladder, feeling the warm piss soak your crotch and pool underneath your legs, the trickling sounds as it dribbles onto the stone floor relaxing you to sleep like a mini waterfall. 💦

See somethin ya like? Don't deny it, you cant resist my piss soaked crotch, go ahead and have a nuzzle if ya like 🍆💦. Or maybe you wanna snuggle with a smelly hyox instead? I can scooch over and make room for ya, but be warned things may get a little wet 😏


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