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Ripper Interrogation (Lineart)

It seems as though The Wedgie Gang now have some competition. A rival gang calling themselves "The Rippers" have started terrorising people with wedgies and other pranks.

Though unlike The Wedgie Gang, The Rippers aren't as organised. TWG don't just let anyone join and very rarely take on new members, only letting in individuals who prove themselves to be skilled wedgie givers and pranksters. The Rippers on the other hand are more akin to a group of bored kids pretending to be TWG. They pretty much let anyone join who likes to give wedgies regardless of whether or not they're actually good at it.

Though now The Rippers want to take on TWG, sending four of their members to Atomica and Burners home to "squeaky clean them till they cry like bitches, and bring back their bloody skidmarked boxers".

It went about as well as you'd expect it to go. With little effort Atomica and Burner had caught the wannabes and hauled their asses to the basement, their wrists bound with ziptie cuffs. One by one the pair pulled them up and interrogated them in front of their comrades, although the questions they were asked they either refused to answer or didn't know; prompting Atomica to demonstrate his signature "Atomica Special" wedgie on them, a cruel and painful wedgie which involved him pulling the front and back of the victims iundies up over their head with tremendous force and securing them in place, essentially creating a "wedgie sack". Each member of the ripper gang could only watch in fear as their comrades screamed with immense pain from such a brutal wedgie, that somehow Atomica was able to perform without even so much as tearing their underwear; that's the sign of a true wedgie master, being able to judge the integrity of different underpants and accommodate for this without compromising the quality of the wedgie, this was something the cowering Ripper members quickly realized they could never hope to match.

Eventually the pair came to the last member, a cowering weasel. They hauled his cowering ass to the middle of the room and like with the others an angry Atomica took a firm grip of his waistband to really hammer home how much trouble he was in. Between Burners questions the weasel could make out the muffled moans of pain coming from his wedgied comrades in the corner, he knew that if he didn't cooperate he'd be joining them.


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