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Smell em Bitch!

A scene from an RP I did with Jayden (

Jay pounced me from behind, grabbing my dirty skivvies and pulling them up and over my head. After stumbling around for a bit blinded by my atomic wedgie and overwhelmed with months of hyox underwear stink I eventually managed to get my stinky skivvies off my head.

The wolf was too busy gloating about his victory to notice me get free, and in that instant I pounced and pinned him on his back between my legs.

I took a firm grip of the front of his undies and pulled them up swiftly into a brutal melvin. I yanked forcefully over and over again, really crushing his balls, forcing him to breath his own underwear musk. Granted his tightywhities are a lot cleaner and in better overall condition than mine (he must change them a lot more often than I do), but im still not gonna rest until these skivvies are over his head in and atomic melvin 😈


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