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Spankings in the Park (November 2018 Den raffle Pic)

Den raffle picture (formerly known as "Patreon Picture") for anonamous.

This poor deer was just out for a casual stroll through the park when he was pounced upon by a mischievous polar bear lurking behind one of the stone seats

The cheeky polar bear stripped the poor deer of his clothing bent him over his knee and began to mercilessly paddle his ass.

So thats why so many cute guys have been leaving the park with sore butts ;-).


If you enjoy my artwork and would like to potentially be involved in my future pieces, then please consider becoming one of the Den Supporters Or alternatively you can also support me on patreon and get all of the same rewards. All of my supporters from both The Den and Patreon get entered into a monthly raffle for a chance to win a free full color commission containing up to 4 characters. :-)

Also feel free to check out my discord server The Hyox Den for random chat and RP. Plus I tend to post all of my completed pics there before anywhere else so check it out if ya wanna see more pics like this one before they go up online :-).


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