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Surprise Stretchies 🩲😈

These 2 sunbathers were getting ready to catch some rays, but before they could lay down they suddenly found their bikinis being hiked up their butts by a strange hooded figure. This mysterious prankster tugged forcefully on their bikinis while giggling; then with one final, forceful yank lifted the pair off the ground, wedgieing the swimwear in nice and deep.

“Wedgiee!” the hooded figure whispered with a menacing toothy grin.

Then the hooded prankster finally let go, causing both bikinis to snap back with a forceful slap against the pairs backs, and the pair dropped butt first back to the ground. Before the pair could get a good look the hooded prankster had already disappeared, fleeing into the bushes and leaving the pair to dig their swimwear out of their butts.


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