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Sweaty Hyoxes 🥵💦 (Lineart)

Me and Cliff ( got into a wedgie fight with each other; we wrestled and grappled with each others hot sweaty bodies as we each tried to grab hold other the others waistband, the victor being whoever was the first to rip the others skivvies off them and hold them up high for all to see.

A small crowd even gathered around us and began chanting "WEDGIE! WEDGIE! WEDGIE!", eager to see someone be "de-briefed"! 😈

They watched as we tumbled around on top of each other, the sweat making it easy for us to slip out of each others grasp, we may as well have been covered in lube 😉

Eventually we both managed to grab hold of the others waistband and give a swift yank, Cliff yanking the back of my skivvies, and me yanking the front of Cliffs skivvies. The crowd now chanted louder and faster as the fight was getting to its climax, which one of us was going to be the first to rip the others skivvies off?


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