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The UKFur Group Pictures

I was originally going to do this as a separate post for each picture, but instead decided to incorporate them all into one big blog post.

Back in the days before twitter and telegram the way furries from the UK communicated with each other was through a forum called Sadly these days said forum doesn't get the traffic it used to, but back in the day it was jam packed full of furries and a bustling community of its own.

In fact it developed a yearly tradition called "The UKFur Group Pic", where forum members all came together and commissioned an artist to draw one big school photo style picture of all of its members. I took part in it every year since they first started doing it back in 2008.

So lets begin our journey back in the now far off year of 2008 and play spot the hyox :-)


The UKFur Group Pic 2008

This wonderful pic was made by ruaidiri

Well here it is! The very first furry art pieces of my OC that I ever commissioned. See if you can guess who I am (hint: This was before I became a hyox so don't bother looking for the blue hair, or tripp pants XD. Back before I was a hybrid I was only one of these two species)

This wonderful picture was made by ruadiri.


The UKFur Group Pic 2009

(The Stupid Hyox has lost it!)

Well...this is embarrassing! It seems as though in all my moves from laptop to laptop over the years i've lost the 2009 group picture :-( What's sad is i cant even remember what it looked like. I've had a look through the old topic on UKFur and all of the hyperlinks to it are dead D-,: I've looked everywhere, i've tried furaffinity, deviantart, sofurry, inkbunny, twitter and even *shudder* Facebook; i even just tried searching relevant words and phrases in google but I just cant find it anywhere. Please if anyone has a copy of it can you link me to it.

(You watch it turn out to have been under my nose this whole time XD)


The UKFur Group Pic 2010

This awesome pic was made by willow141

I believe this was the very first group pic featuring my current sona :-) So that should make it easier to spot me than the last one XD. This pic was created by willow141


The UKFur Group Pic 2012

Awesome picture by Rachez

Awesome picture by Rachez featuring all of the UKFurs out for a lovely BBQ :-).


The UKFur Group Pic 2013

....unfortunately the world ended back in 2012 so there were of course no more UKFur group pics after this point )-,:


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