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Those Punks Never Even Saw it Comin!

An evil villain roams the cold dark streets at night. Waiting in the shadows for his next victim. But this villain isn't after money, instead he only has one thing on his mind, WEDGIES! 😈 Hence the name "Wedgie Fox".

This mysterious, rubber clad villain is both a skilled wedgie giver and incredibly sneaky as these two would be graffiti artists found out the hard way.

These two walked the quiet streets blissfully unaware that Wedgie Fox had set his sites on them and was now stalking his prey. The fox was almost completely silent and quick to react, everytime one of the two looked over his way he was quick to duck out of sight, leaving his prey to blissfully carry on unaware.

A couple of times wedgie fox even tormented his prey, he managed to get close enough to them to twang their waistbands and duck out of site before they could even see him. Leaving the two punks wondering if they were getting paranoid. He did this to them a few times, and at one point he even managed to pull the lemurs waistband up just enough so that it was poking out of the top of his pants and tucked into his jacket for all to see, but not enough to actually give even a slight wedgie. Wedgie Fox watched with a smile from the shadows as the lemur berated the hyox thinking that he was the one who’d been twanging his waistband.

Eventually the pair came to a wall covered in various pieces of street art. The pair took out spraycans of their own, ready to add their own work to this improvised mural. It was at this point the rubber clad fox decided he’d played with his food long enough and it was time to “go in for the kill”. He let out a quiet laugh as he cracked his knuckles and quietly made his way over to the pair.

The hyox and the lemur were just about to start spraying when they were both cut off by a sudden sharp pain in their cracks. Before they could even fully process what was happening to scream they were blinded by the musky fabric of their underwear. The pair began letting out muffled screams of pain through the fabric, and the next thing they knew they felt an unknown figure grab hold of their shoulders and spin them round on the spot to disorientate them.

The pair had no idea what was going on, all they could hear was the other persons muffled cries through their own atomic wedgie. The hyox and the lemur began pulling at the fabric of their underwear trying desperately to unhook their atomic wedgie, but the firmness of the fabric made it almost imposible to unhook their waistbands from under their chins. Whoever did this must have been both incredibly strong and skilled to be able to pull such firm fabric into an atomic wedgie so quickly, and without ripping it.

Wedgie Fox took a moment to admire his work, watching the two would be artists struggling and stumbling around like fools trying to get their underwear off their heads. He felt an immense feeling of pleasure run through his body, afterall, the more risky the wedgie, the greater the feeling of pleasure.

And so with that the rubber clad fox turned and slipped away into the night, searching for his next victim; an evil, satisfied smile plastered over his face as the muffled cries of the pair continued to echo behind him

==The End==


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