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Tokkys Monster Atomic Wedgie (By Seth)

More artwork by the awesome Seth (Hunter) :-D

Word of warning, if you're ever gonna take the last can of Monster from Hunters fridge, don't then go and proceed to rub it in their face. After teasing them for a little bit I then went to pop the lid on the can and enjoy the nice cold refreshing Monster energy, however I was so overconfident that I made the fatal mistake of turning my back to Hunter.

Before I could even get my fingers underneath the ringpull of the can I felt a sudden surge of fabric invading my rear end as my underwear was hiked up to my mid back. The shock from this caused me to drop the can which hunter promptly caught with their one free hand. In the reflection of the fridge I could see an evil smirk plastered across hunters face, and before I could even beg for mercy Hunter hiked my underwear with brute force up and over my head, crushing my balls. Through the musky blindfold of my atomic wedgie I could hear Hunter popping the lid on the can and chugging down the last Monster.

I suppose I should really consider myself lucky that Hunter only went for a wedgie and not something more.....fatal!


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