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(Trade) Farmhands Goofin Around (By Harryharold)

Trade piece by Harryharold on twitter (, featuring me and their character Keyon as a pair of scruffy farmhands. (The following is just a rough story, I may rewrite this into a proper story when I upload this to my other art sites).

Me and Keyon sometimes help out on a local farm, one day we'd finished all our chores early and decided to go goof around in the equipment shed. Keyon noticed a hook attached to a rope and pulley and dared me to let him string me up by the straps of my overalls like a bale of hay, claiming that Id never be able to stay hangin cos I was too fat. I took him up on his challenge and let him attach the hook to the straps of my dirty overalls. Keyon took position on the other end of the rope, and after I smiled and gave him a nod he began hauling away with all his strength, moaning with each pull. I felt my overalls go tight around my junk and ride up into my ass, each pull causing them to take more of my weight, until eventually with one heave I felt my muddy boots leave the floor.

Keyon continued pullin and I began to help him as well, hoisting myself further and further off the ground. A noticable bulge began forming in the front of my overalls, I looked down to see a blushing Keyon also pitchin a noticeable tent in the front of his overalls. Keyon then began playfully slackening and tightening the rope causing me to bounce. I looked the horny Keyon in the eye with a smile and asked him "you want a turn danglin up here?"


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