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Wedgie Takedown Technique

So there I was just havin a smoke, when suddenly Kai surprised me from behind by shoving his hand over my mouth so I couldn't scream and grabbing ahold of my rancid underwear. Before I had chance to react he kicked the back of my leg causing me to lose balance and fall backwards....only to be caught by an intense wedgie >.<

With only my underwear supporting me Kai dragged me away into the dark alleyway, my boots dragging across the ground, unable to gain any kind of footing as he was dragging me too fast to be able to keep up, it was like I was in a hanging wedgie but not quite.

Once Kai was sure no one could see us he finnished the job with a brutal atomic wedgie, pulling my filthy underwear up and over my head with sheer force, it was made worse by the fact that he used short sharp yanks to pull my skivvies higher and higher, with each thrust digging deep into my ass, eventually he managed to get my musky tightywhities up over my head and hooked them firmly underneath my chin, the months of grime and stench pressing tightly over my face and filling my lungs, I couldn't help but moan a little with pleasure


Once he was done humiliating me Kai wrapped his arms around me and cuddled me, all the while giggling at my atomic wedgie.

I shoulda known teaching him different wedgies would come back to bite me in the ass 😂


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