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Workplace Mishap ⚠️(Lineart)

Pic featuring me and Jay ( and Kai ( getting into a mishap at a warehouse job.

Jay was bending down tending to some loose packaging when I noticed the waistband of his undies peeking out of his shorts 😈

I was able to discreetly attach the winch hook to his undies without him noticing, and while trying hard not to giggle so he wouldnt notice anything was up I grabbed the controller, pressed the button and....nothing!

I pressed the button again, nothing.


Stupid winch is always temperamental! I started banging the controller, swearing under my breath as I was getting frustrated at the lack of wolf wedgie!

Jay at this point had finished what he was doing, saw me cursing at the remote and came over to help (surprisingly he still didnt notice the hook attached to his waistband)

With one final smack against the wall the controller suddenly made a loud bang noise and sparks shot out of it. This caused the winch to malfunction and before Jay even had time to breathe a word he was suddenly yanked off the ground by his undies; unfortunately for me the sudden shock caused Jay to instinctively grab out to the nearest thing to stop him.....which happened to be my waistband ☠️

Both me and Jay were left hanging high up in the warehouse by our undies, it was unfortunate that i'd dropped the controller on the way up 😟


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