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You can now support me here as well as on Patreon

If you enjoy my artwork and would like to be potentially featured in future pictures you can now support me here on The Hyox Den as well as on Patreon.

I've set it up in a similar fashion to the way i do things on patreon, with one small difference being that you don't have to be a member of the discord server to view my sneak peeks and exclusive artwork. All of it will be uploaded to the "Exclusives Gallery" and "Sneak Peeks" sections under the "Hyox Art" tab. (The sneak peeks section isn't active yet as I currently don't have any new sketches to add.)

All of the rewards will remain exactly the same as the reward tiers on Patreon, with both Patreon and Den supporters being put into the same draw; also once i've reached a combined total of 10 supporters i'll start drawing 2 winners each month.

At the moment payment for pledges can only be made through paypal; however depending on how well this goes i may look at adding support for other payment methods in the future.

But what if im already supporting you on Patreon?

Awesome and once again thankyou very much for the support :-) If you would prefer to access the reward content through here as well as discord you can do without having to pledge again. Just create a free account on here and either message me through patreon or discord and I will add a patreon role to you profile which should enable you to access the relevant sections on the site.

Well guess that's all there is. Thanks for taking the time to read all of this, and if you're goin to MFF feel free to say hi to me :-D


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