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Flat color commission for Jay ( featuring me and him as our Wedgie Gang selves Hanger and Jocks, along with the rest of the gang and one very pissed off yeen cop by the name of Ren (

Ren had already been having a shitty day so as you can imagine she was definitely not impressed when The Wedgie Gang decided to try their hand at giving her force issue tighty whities a good hard stretching.

The gang ambushed the yeen and imediately began stretching her undies every which way to Sunday, giving her all manner of wedgies from a squeaky clean to a full blown atomic.

Eventually when Jocks came to wedgie her he had second thoughts, Ren used this moment to escape her captors clutches, unhook her atomic and now in a full blown fit of pure primal rage rained all hell down on the gang members.

Despite there being more of them, they were unable to fend off the raging yeen and one by one they found themselves cuffed and with very brutal atomic wedgies for vengeance.

Ren, completely seething with pure rage didn't want to waste time waiting for the police wagon to arrive and instead proceeded to cram every last gang member into the back of her cruiser and drive them to the station herself. Needless to say, it was a very cramped and painful ride.


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