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Cheeky Dragon Antics (By Grion_wolffox at EF 2016)

Awesome Picture drawn by Grion_Wolffox at Eurofurence 2016

Awesome art piece by Grion_Wolffox featuring Gumdrop and Tokky.

Not that long ago Gumdrop invited me to go on a tour of his famous desert factory. He told me that because we're such good friends I would be attending as a VIP guest which entitled me to a front row seat to a special show they put on for their guests and free samples of all the deserts i could handle. Obviously I jumped at the offer, i mean who wouldn't want free deserts right?

While on the tour I got talking to some of the other guests and was surprised to learn that no one had told them about there being a show as well. Then towards the end of the tour Gumdrop gathered all the guests around in a circle and pulled me into the center.

"Everyone, i'd like you to meet one of my best friends Tokky" The dragon said loudly with a smile.

Everyone just stared at me making me feel very uneasy, so much so that I didn't notice that the dragon had now moved behind me. Without warning i felt my pants get pulled down; there was a loud eruption of laughter and i stood there, frozen with humiliation as the other guests pointed and laughed at me. Then things got worse; Gumdrop flew up above me and yelled "OK GUYS LET HIM HAVE HIS FREE SAMPLES!".

I was bombarded with pies from all directions, some of the other guests even joining in throwing all manner of messy deserts at me. When the mayhem finally died down and the crowds dispersed a giggling Gumdrop landed beside me.

I am never trusting that dragon again.


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