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Dumpster Buddies

"That's it! Breathe deep lill kitty! You know you love it!"

Commission for djomnifusion

This kitty really should not make bets with random strangers, especially not ones who smell like the inside of a dumpster. For his failure he now has to help me with my dumpster diving for the next two weeks *evilsmirks*. Of course naturally this poor kitty started having second thoughts, but fortunately I came prepared.

After chasing this kitty down and binding him so he couldn't escape, I decided to use our first session together to break him in. So i found the most rancid dumpster I could, opening the lid the smell hit him like a truck and I swear I thought he was gonna barf, not me though, all it did to me was make a bulge form in the front of my filthy camos.

The kitty begged and pleaded with me to let him go, he even offered to pay me, but i'm not interested in the money; i just want that nice pristine fur of his to be stained with the rancid smell of rotting garbage like mine.

So I tossed him straight in with the rest of the trash, while he was squirming and trying not to barf I unlaced and removed my boots to reveal my foul musky feetpaws. I climbed into the dumpster with the writhing kitty, sat on the edge with my bulging crotch now soaked with pre. Balancing myself and looking down at the pathetic kitty with a wicked smile I cupped both of my foul musky footpaws around his nose and mouth, filling his senses with every foul odour imaginable.

These next two weeks are gonna be fun, i've also informed the kitty that he is not to bathe at all during this time, and that if i think he's cleaned himself in any way then i'll add another week onto his service *evilsmirk*.


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