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*Hick* Li'll Help Please? 🥴

Had a wild time at a friends party, may have had a little too much to drink...or not enough 🍺🍺🥴🍺🍺

When headin home I decided to take a shortcut through some of the neighbors gardens, unfortunately while hopping one of the fences the back of my skivvies got caught and i'm now a little stuck. Eh no worries, I think i left my keys behind anyway so i'll just sleep here tonight and go back and get em in the morning. 🥴

Good thing I remembered to take one beer for the road, though I just realised I left my smokes at the party as well, hopefully I can bum one from this nice duck 🥴 🚬 🦆❓

(random pic featuring me and TobaccoCrow ( as the passing "duck" 😂)


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