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In Flight Doodles (MFF 2018)

While i was on the flight back to the UK i did some doodling in my sketchbook, the pictures featured me, Gumdrop, Bladewolf and Rick Whitechest (though i didn't have ref sheets on hand for those 2 so i just drew from memory, if i complete any of these ill be sure to redraw any parts that are wrong and add in any missing details :-D ) Also i'm not gonna count these as "sneak peeks" cos i don't always finish the pics i draw in my sketchbook (i mean when i opened the book to draw i found several pics in there that i'd completely forgotten about); i might continue some of these digitally but in case i don't, here they are :-D

CAUTION!!: Very Smelly!! Hug at your own risk!!

C'mooooon!! Give the Smelly Hyox a nice biig hug :-D

Guest starring Bladewolf as the confused passenger :-3

While flying gumdrop noticed i seemed a bit uncomfortable and decided the best thing i needed was some fresh air! Not a good idea when you're currently at cruising altitude over Canada! DX

Bladewolf's on the left and Gumdrop's on the right

Flying economy class can get a little too crowded. I found myself sandwiched between a purple dragon who doesn't know how to fold his wings when he's eating; and a wolf who may or may not be turning into a tentacle creature so he can take a selfie for his fellow tentacle creature friends. They're makin me spill my coffee!!!

(Though in reality the flight wasn't actually that crowded, in fact some passengers had whole rows to themselves and were sprawled out across 3 seats, the seat next to me was empty so i just used it for extra table space).

This page is dedicated to Rick Whitechest :-D

My attempt at drawing a pup hood from memory. It's funny, i've seen em around loads but never paid attention to the finer details. But anyway I got to meet Ricks character Rowser in person at MFF.....and i may have possibly given him a wedgie hehehe.


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