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It's Bullies and Nerds Night

You jocks just wanna bully me so bad dontcha. I bet ya wanna grab my tightywhities and hoist me off the ground by em, then bounce me till i beg ya to stop, or maybe take me into the bathroom, shove my face in the toilet and swirlie me while you laugh at my gurgled cries and pathetic flailing; or perhaps titty twisters, wet willies and noogies are more yer thing? Or maybe you just wanna subject me to some good old fashioned teasing, name calling and pushing around?

Whatever yer into, for $25 I can be yer little nerd slave for 15 minutes, you can bully me any way you want. Plus club members get a 20% discount.

I love workin weekends at this club, Saturday nights are "Bullies & Nerds Night", Sundays are "Diaper Night", plus "slaves" get free drinks all night



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