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Skidz the Graffitibold 🎨

A character I made for an OVA campaign, yes he looks like a certain other Kobold, but canonically they have no relation to each other?


Name: Skidz

Species: Kobold

Occupation: Unemployed Graffiti Artist


Skidz is a graffiti artist from the low income district. He's unemployed and has no fixed address, often crashing wherever he can and taking on whatever odd jobs he can to survive; at the moment he's staying in a commune close to the marina with various other indeviduals. Skidz has an immense passion for creativity of all forms whether it be writing, music, drawing, sculpting or even just something as simple as building lego models; Skidz loves surrounding himself with indeviduals who share his love of creativity; but overall his biggest love comes from creating street art.

Skidz regularly travels around the districs when he can, creating various art pieces in all kinds of places to "brighten the place up". Over time Skidzs impromptu art pieces had begun to garner him a reputation among the underground graffiti community (and the cops); his notoriety has even gone so far as sparking a rival graffiti artist to grow jealous of his pieces, painting over Skidzes work with crude, unflattering drawings to make his own look better by comparison. What started as friendly competition between 2 artists quickly devolved into bitter rivalry with Skidz often feeling as though he needs to do one better than his rival.

Although Skidz tries to be nice he's often a bit of a prankster; he can't resist when the opportunity arises to play a prank on someone (even the cops) which has often nearly landed him in trouble; however due to his small size and "cute" appearance he has often been able to abuse his adorableness to get others to forgive him quickly. His favorite prank to pull on someone is a wedgie, whenever he sees a vulnerable waistband he cant help but administer a brutal wedgie; his years of practice have sharpened his skills as a wedgie giver to the point where he can pull a persons underwear up and over their head without it ripping no matter how tattered and worn the undies are, or if he wants he can rip the undies clean off his victim in a single yank, causing them to become confused and embarrassed, this psychic damage almost refuling his own energy; skidz has amassed quite a collection of used underpants this way which he keeps in a box under his bunk as mementos. His menacing of peoples underwear was what lead to his friends giving him the nickname "Skidz".

However just because he's good at giving wedgies and playing pranks doesnt mean that he's good at dodging them himself, and the young kobold has on many occasions been on the recieving end of many wedgies from his roomates, as well as various other pranks; however the kobold enjoys a good laugh with his roomates (and of course knows he'll get them back eventually hehehe)

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Jun 07

I wonder if he can sometimes make some graffiti art whenever he’s hung up by his underwear in a way that allows him to do so?

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