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Commission for ShredderWG featuring his character Simon.

In this sidescroller you play as Simon, an unfortunate nerd who's found himself transported to a realm known as "The Toonverse"; a crazy world inhabited by mischievous cartoon characters intent on subjecting Simon to all kinds of random Hijynx. Can Simon battle his way through the loony inhabitants of this realm, confront "The King of Toons" and return to his own world; or will he end up flattened under an anvil? His fate rests in your hands.

Simon is armed with his trusty "Anti-Bully Ray", a weapon of his own design with a variety of modes including Titty Twister, Pantsing, Spanking and of course Wedgie! Use this device to prank your way past enemies and defeat bosses; but be careful, some enemies may deploy countermeasures for certain modes. For instance, Gumdrop with his trusty can of "Portal Paint".


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