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Underwear Inspection

A random picture featuring me and Numou the underwear inspector (

The underwear inspector clocked me walkin down the street and selected me for a random inspection. He ordered me to drop my pants and I refused to do so. After a long struggle he eventually got me in handcuffs, cursing at me and calling me a "filthy boxer boy". I kept on struggling and protesting as he tried to undo my belt, yelling to him that all tightywhity wearers are nerds and boxers rule and that he had no right to invade my privacy like this.

Eventually he managed to get my belt undone and in frustration yanked down my pants to find....tightywhities with a blue trim. He'd exposed my secret to the world, that I actually wore tightywhities. I glared at him with a mix of anger and embarrassment.

He then took out his clipboard, clicked his pen and began the inspection. All I could do was stand there with my hands cuffed as he looked me up and down, writing on his clipboard, performing all sorts of checks on my underwear, things like twanging the waistband, prodding my bulge with his pen; each time writing down more notes. At one point he even made me walk up and down the sidewalk with my pants round my ankles, all the while taking notes as i waddled like a penguin.

Eventually he informed me my tightywhities had passed the inspection, and then proceeded to scold me for not submitting to the inspection from the start, all the while my pants were still around my ankles and onlookers were honking their car horn and heckling me.

After the inspector was done scolding me he then proceeded to make my feel even more awkward by pulling my pants back up for me and doing the belt back up, like I was some kid being dressed by their parent. He then undid the cuffs and bid me on my way.

I walked away, my face still bright red with embarrassment, and to make things even more awkward I now had a raging boner for some reason >.<

==The End==


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