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You Can't Escape the Silliness 🤡🐺🐰🤡

Phew! That was a close one! I dare say you nearly escaped me little bunbun, but alas, just like your friend over there you were no match for my lassoing skills, don't worry, i'll hold you steady till the dizziness passes, can't have you falling and hurting yourself now can we.

I see your friend has already acquainted themself with the "Yank-in-the-box"; that's my favorite prop and it always gets such a huge laugh from the audience. But that's just one of many toys i've yet to show you.

Though I see you're a little nervous so why don't we start you with something simple.

I have so much to teach you both, we're going to have so much fun together, why you'll both make a fine addition to the troupe 😁

Pic featuring Bio Bunny ( ) and Specs ( ) being recruited as a certain wedgie crazed jesters new assistants 😈


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