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The Small Print

** Ko-Fi doodles are ony intended as a thankyou picture for an optional contribution. They DO NOT represent a guaranteed commission piece.  Providing a reference for a character DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY GUARANTEE I WILL DRAW THEM EVEN IF PAYMENT HAS ALREADY BEEN MADE THROUGH KO-FI. I reserve the right to refuse to draw any picture. Any contribution made through Ko-Fi is an optional donation and non refundable.

*** I DO NOT SERVE TROUBLEMAKERS! I reserve the right to cancel any commission slot at any point, for any reason. If payment has already been made a full refund will be given to the Paypal or Cash App account you used to purchase the commission. If your payment account is no longer reachable it will be down to you to arrange an alternate payment account for the refund to be sent to. REFUNDS WILL NOT BE SENT VIA ANY MEANS OTHER THAN THROUGH PAYPAL OR CASH APP.

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